Adding a timestamp via @

I am thinking of a timestamp - maybe added with @ - so that you could have a day card - referring to the “Daily view” to add a timeline or to add a timestamp when you start a note and how long it takes for e.g students to work on a task.


Thanks for this feature request @isaiur. We are currently overhauling the editor actions at the moment, so we will see what we can do!

Another small related tip: If you include a date in the title of the card, Supernotes will automatically move the card to have a targeted date that falls on that day. Try creating a card called “Work Meeting – 30th Jan 2023”.

@isaiur If you’re on a mac, then I can highly recommend using Raycast to achieve this. Raycast has a snippets feature, which lets you perform a “text expand” from a detected keyword, and the expanded text can include dates or timestamps.

I’m constantly using Raycast’s snippets for my note content and title templates. For example, if I have a 1:1 meeting with a colleague I type :john in the note title, and Raycast expands it to John Doe | 2023-01-01. Then I tab to the note content and type :1 and Recast instantly expands it to my 1:1 template:

## Topics

## Notes

## Diary entry

## Next time

Personally, I prefer sharp tools, which do one thing really well. So I like managing my templates and text expansions outside of Supernotes, in a tool that’s specifically designed for it.