Adding AI to Supernotes

Are you planning on adding AI Functionality?


Hi @isaiur,

This is a great question. We’ve thought and played around with AI, within Supernotes, quite a bit over the years, and no doubt you’re asking since many other note-taking tools have added AI prompts.

We have indeed been working on something, and our goal is not to help you replace or create any new knowledge but enhance and make your knowledge management system more efficient. For example, reducing the friction of manually creating and assigning tags – however we also like that you have to put some thought into the structure of your notes; as then it’s truly yours. We’re also aware of the privacy implications of AI, especially since notes are often quite personal.

Lots of things to think about, but first we’ve been working on improving our core offering and have something else big to announce soon :eyes:


Not be the annoying generative Artificial Intelligence (LLM) enthusiast we see everywhere nowadays, but I think it’s still an important topic to see through the roadmap of Supernotes.

Are there any plans of having built-in or add-on capabilities (e.g. Summarizing notes in trees of parent/child cards, asking natural language questions to our own notes)?

I know there are a lot of smaller and bigger, open- and closed-source chocies for the model itself that could be used, but even some official plugin for ChatGPT or Bing might be a big plus as well.

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