Adding inline links to new cards in context of the current note

When adding inline links to new (non-existent) cards, these cards are created in the Home target. I think this is wrong: most of the time user creates new card by adding inline link in the context of the card he is currently editing.

Just an example. Here is card hierarchy:

  - Note Taking
    - Supernotes

In most cases if I open ‘Supernotes’ for editing and create an inline link to a non-existent card I want this card to be created on the same level as the card I’m currently editing (or a level down). Of course, there might be cases, when one want to create link to a non-existent card in totally different context, but in general I think the current card context is much more useful than Home.

Or maybe it is a good idea to introduce /, ./, ../ syntax when creating new cards by adding inline links?

Good point. I think it’s reasonable to pick a default parent to add a new card to (if relevant).

I think however that it is only reasonable to pick either: create the card as a child of the card spawning it, or create it as a sibling to the spawning card. This latter would of course mean that no default parent would be assigned if you were in Home when doing this.

Which would you personally prefer?

I don’t think I’d agree with “most cases”, but I do agree that providing some context or hierarchy when creating the new note is important.

I’d probably want my new notes to go to Inbox / Triage, to be organised later.

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The idea of inbox / triaging behavior is interesting.

At the moment, however, we do not have this, so for now we have decided to add the newly created card to the current parent (as of v1.4.7).