Adding Linked cards as embeds

The current linking functionality in SN is good, but lacks some options. One of such options is ability to add a linked card in an embedded form.

For instance, I always have cards for specific projects or task subsets. Currently, I have to link these in other cards when relevant and keep navigating back and forth if I want to say check a task on the linked card.

When pasting or creating a link, it would be tremendously powerful to have the option to paste it as an embed, where one can interact with the elements of the embed (check off tasks, navigate to links, etc).

This is implemented really well in Heptabase, please see sample

Screen Recording 2023-09-30 at 2.06.45 PM

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This wouldn’t help me much. I like how a link to another card pulls up that card in preview mode. Embedded notes are indeed quite useful in other notes/pkm apps but those typically don’t have a card length limit.

I like the simplicity and card “soft limits” in Supernotes.

I suppose a variation of your idea, where a portion of the linked card could be revealed as an embed might work okay? Or maybe embeds of any length could have soft limits. But I’m not sure if those extra layers of complexity would be worth it.

For another idea, maybe embeds would only show in seamless card mode.

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Not everyone uses the application in the same manner. Just because it wouldn’t help you much doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a good use case. I don’t use some parts of SN that I’m sure others do.

None of what you mentioned would go away or contradict this, as you can clearly see in the demo, the regular links are still available. If one doesn’t want embeds then simply don’t use it, no need to limit them to a specific mode.

Of course. Embeds could be helpful for some, even if I wouldn’t use it. I just wonder how it could successfully fit into the cards with soft-limits paradigm that sets this app apart from others. Perhaps others can offer ideas.

@fuzzy.beach Could I ask why adding the card as a child doesn’t match your use case? Then you can navigate to the parent, see all the children in one page, and check off their tasks, etc.


Interesting, especially since child cards can have multiple parents in Supernotes.

I use the parent child pattern somewhat differently than this. Let’s imagine I have a daily card that captures whatever daily notes, thoughts, etc. I also have a “Top Tasks” card that captures my current priority tasks. This card is “living” and gets updated all the time.

Now if i keep adding children to it, it’s going to end up with 100s of those rather soon.

But wouldn’t embedding lead to the same issue then? (i.e. 100s of embedded notes)

Hey all, a very good discussion here. Thought it might be useful to provide some of our insight into this.

Most other more technical note-taking apps are long-form outliners and are block-based rather than card-based. Each paradigm has their own strengths and weaknesses, and indeed with long-form approaches embedding makes a lot of sense.

By focusing on short-form cards we encourage your notes to be more simple, reviewable and linkable. Generally embedding cards in other cards, goes against this approach and encourages longer duplicated content. This is also why we’ve built a parent-child flow, so you can quickly house relevant cards within each other.

At Supernotes we’re also not too keen to just tac-on features that other apps have, we like to take our time to tackle the problem head on and build something different that helps you even more. So while we aren’t too excited about adding embeds within cards, we do want to make it easier to navigate between cards and interact with them such as adding child cards below a card in preview mode and more things in the pipeline.

I’m marking this as ‘under-consideration’ at the moment, because while we won’t offer full card embeds, we may offer a universal concatenated version of card links along with url links. So if you write a link (whether it’s a card or url) on a new line by itself it will become a little preview.

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This makes sense to me, I think the preview would be a feasible alternative :+1: Thanks for the response!

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