Add backlinked cards under card in Preview

I love the linking feature you folks have built and I probably use it more than anything else.

My big struggle is that it’s a feature that seems almost hidden:

  1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to surface it with a keyboard and quickly navigate to the linked cards and back
  2. The way it’s surfaced is very… minimal? You can see on this screenshot that the linking data is so hard to parse visually, because it’s tiny and almost seems like a unrelated footnote.

Linking is one of the core things I am after in a PKM tool and while you’ve done a lot of work adding it, I struggle to make effective use of it.


Hi @fuzzy.beach, thanks for your feedback!

Totally get you. Surfacing backlinks with the keyboard is definitely something we want to add soon, and I’ve raised the priority of this. We have considered adding backlinked (or even related) cards automatically underneath cards in preview mode, so you can quickly navigate and view them at a glance.

If you’re happy with this please change this title to reflect this, such as “Add backlinked cards under card in Preview” to make this more a specific feature request rather than general pain paint / feedback.


Done! I think that would be quite an improvement, I also like the auto-highlight that the current setup has, it would be great to keep that in place with a new implementation of displaying the backlinked cards underneath.

I am assuming due to 2 way linking this would mean navigating to the linked card will allow a somewhat easy navigation back to the original preview card, which should work well.


I would really enjoy this. As it stands now, I have several Parent cards that mostly serve as folders, with not much content on the card iself. It’s more the child cards I am interested in but it’s the Parent’s name that I remember more than the specific child card i need. If Linked cards, AS WELL AS child cards could be displayed below the parent in preview (potentially slightly greyed out to signify it being a child, and dotted around the border to signify a Linked card) that would help so much.


Traversing the graph with keyboard would definitely help my workflow, especially activating outbound inline links (though I can’t really picture an easy way to do so with the current ux where preview mode has no text cursor/caret), backlinks and navigating to a cards parent (seeing as navigating to their children can be done by using the open Noteboard feature with shift + space).

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Surfacing bidirectional links seems somewhat analogous to surfacing dependencies between cells in a worksheet. This reminds me of Observable that Mike Bostock is working on, and its minimap feature to surface bidirectional data dependencies between cells in a web-editable notebook (see Minimap | Observable documentation). Traversing between notes based on links between them using a minimap-like structure on the side of the central note preview would be very useful.