Adding stopwatch to card

I had the idea if some kind of small play button in the lower right corner next to the other buttons would be very convenient. With a click you could start a stopwatch and see how long you have been working on a map or how long you have been occupied with the topic of the map.


Hi @isaiur,

Interesting idea! We actually had a thought similar to this years ago, it was a little Pomodoro timer in the corner of the app. I’m marking this as Under Consideration, as it’s probably not the most highest priority right now, but if there’s enough interest we can take a deeper look at this.

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@Tobias Drawing a clear line in the sand for which features should be added to a product or not is one of the most difficult challenges of product leadership.

Adding a timer to Supernotes crosses my line in the sand, because I think it moves the tool away from hunting knife and towards Swiss-army knife. However, your shepherding of the features in Supernotes up to this point has been excellent, so I’m prepared to be wrong on this.

I’ll leave you with an interesting (albeit hyperbolic) quote from an old Reddit thread:

Feature requests should be thought of as worthless until proven valuable. From the moment they are born, they are put on trial for the attempted murder of your product.
— seamore555, Reddit user


Hi @JamesT,

You’re very right, and we are brutal with our product roadmap internally – one of the reasons why there isn’t a public roadmap as we want to build the sharpest hunting knife and be able to quickly adapt to the needs of our community :wink:

However we will almost never prematurely reject an interesting idea or thought here on the forum, as this is the point of the forum, open discussion about related features and concepts. It’s better to stimulate and encourage discussion as this can often lead to another useful idea – or let us better understand the needs of our community. If we reject ideas publicly it indicates that we don’t take feedback on board, don’t listen and ultimately demotivates our community.

The reason we didn’t add a Pomodoro timer years ago and still haven’t implemented it, because it doesn’t fit with our vision, you’re right. However if we see that large proportion of our userbase wants a Pomodoro timer, then we can look at alternate ways of helping – creating a even better solution such as integrating with a popular Pomodoro tool so you can see which notecards you wrote during your session.


About this time feature, some things to consider:

  1. What job would it get done for users?
  2. Do users want to get this job done in Supernotes? I.e. is Supernotes the place where they manage/track their times?
  3. What would be the use case for tracking time within Supernotes?
  4. What would happen with the tracked time? How will it be stored, displayed and integrated with other features? If available, what else would users want to do with this data?

If this is under serious consideration, I’d suggest doing more extensive research to validate the need.

My personal view is that time tracking is more of a project management feature, which works great in project management apps like Clickup or Asana. Supernotes is not set up for project management.

I’ll actually challenge this, I really like the idea of a Pomodoro timer integrated into the Supernotes system. Especially those of us that use it for studying. For people that have ADHD such as myself, having a Pomodoro timer to keep us on track for specific study sessions would be great - I really like the idea of it being tied in with card production. I’d love to see this idea built out and implemented further.

And for those that don’t like it, I suppose it could be toggled on/off? But I don’t see why that shouldn’t be a feature for those of us that might find it useful.

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