Additional Calendar Views/Filters

The calendar already gives users quick insight into the cards they’ve created or targeted for a given day, which is great. I personally tend to review and plan stuff on a weekly basis, so it’d be nice to have functionality that essentially does what the daily calendar filter/view does, but for a week long range. In addition, I could see similar ranges on the monthly/yearly scales being useful too.

In terms of how to implement this in the UI, I think accessing a current month filter by clicking the month name makes sense, same goes for the year, both of which are already displayed. As for week views, maybe there could be an option to append the current week number to the calendar rows—at any rate, if this feature seems useful I’m sure whatever approach the team comes up with will be pretty much perfect as usual.



Hi @solsen,

Thanks for the feedback! We will be adding Custom Collections in the next major update (3.1) and this will hopefully scratch that itch for you (although date ranges might not be in the first version but in a follow up).

You will be able to define Custom Collections such as “Last Week”, “This Week” and “Next Week” if you like to do things on a weekly basis. Authoring cards within those collections will make them inherit their characteristics.

We could also modify the Calendar as you suggested with different views, including by Week and Month, and have it be a user configurable preference. I’ve made a note of this and we will see what we can come up with :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks @tobias !