Alphabetization Rules for Symbols / Emojis?

Situation: Suppose I’m setting up a Custom Collection with cards sorted alphabetically.

I want to organically force a few cards to the top of the list. Typically on my Mac, I’ll arrange files to sort to the top by adding Leading Spaces or Numbers or Symbols. But what I’m used to doing doesn’t seem to apply to Supernotes.

Question: What are the alphabetization rules for symbols / emojis in Supernotes? What comes before “ABC…XYZ”?

That should actually work just fine. Here are some cards being sorted alphabetically on my system.

To answer the question though, Supernotes sorts things alphabetically using an English locale with the added benefit of sorting numbers lexicographically, i.e. the number 10 should sort after the number 2, even though in a strict “alphabetical” sense 2 comes after 10.


Thanks! I appreciate the way you demoed it… Easy enough to experiment on my own. :blush:

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