Android App Gesture Navigation

Hello all!

So far I am loving the app! I’ve been playing around on web, Windows, and Android so far, and am happy with the way they work for the most part.

Whilst testing the Android app, there are a few niggles:

  1. Gesture navigation needs to be handled better. A swipe to the right (usually to “go back”) simply exits the app. Ideally I’d like this to go back to where I was previously (go back in navigation). The desktop app also needs this more natively, although the web app seems to mostly work here.
  2. We need a context menu on the app on the home screen. Particularly “Create New Note” and maybe “Search”.
  3. Please can we have a PWA? I have installed the web app as an app, but would love this to be more PWA than that (sub context; I’m using a Chromebook).

I’ll add to this as I go. See the above as mostly nice to haves though, the apps are pretty fantastic (except swipe right, maybe grin).

Thanks again!


Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for your kind words and sharing your feedback. I am really happy to hear you are enjoying Supernotes.

Yes you’re right the Android definitely should have all these things. In fact the swipe to go back gesture is something already confirmed and in development at the moment. Although we hadn’t thought about the context menu, and that’s a great idea, I’ve added it to our internal list of Android Improvements.

Out of curiosity what do you mean by more PWA? What’s missing for you with the web app?

Thanks Tobias,

For the PWA, it’s probably just me, but I expect to see something like this in the address bar:

Beyond that, as long as there’s an offline mode natively on the web app, then I am happy :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Ah the only reason Chrome thinks that Supernotes isn’t a web app is that we haven’t included an icon for it to use :sweat_smile: . That’s why that button isn’t showing.

That should be an easy fix, but nevertheless your experience after install will be exactly the same. Offline mode is the highest priority item on our list.