Android: auto dark mode does not work

If I set the appearence of the android app to ‘Automatic’ the app always uses the dark theme, regardless of the system settings.
On Windows this feature works as expected.

Side note: is there a bug tracker other than this forum I could check, before reporting such things?

Hi @DatenRaten,

Thanks for the report. This is indeed not working correctly across both Android 11 and Android 12, although with our testing the inverse is happening where the app always uses the light theme regardless of the system settings. We will push a fix for this soon!

This forum is where we manage all of our bug reports. You can find all of them in one place and search them here – Bug Reports - Supernotes Community. We also add labels to show their status of being fixed or not.

We’ve just pushed an update to Android to fix this, please update your app.

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Fantastic, I just downloaded the update - thanks for the quick fix!