Android "share" menu options don't copy to clipboard

Hi! Loving SuperNotes, I find the approach very easy to get your head around, and it’s extremely useful. Especially with an Android app in the works! Speaking of which, I think I found a problem I wanted to report.

When you use the “share” button, and the menu opens, after making a note public there’s a “copy” button — which doesn’t seem to do anything. If you don’t click the button, but instead click the line where it says “Publicly Viewable” you get the “Share Web Link” window with a QR code. (An awesome feature by the way.) The buttons (e.g. “Copy Link to Webpage” etc) close the window but unfortunately don’t put anything in the clipboard.

I’m on a Galaxy S10+ running Android 12.

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Hi @taylor_venable, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

Thanks for the report, we will look into this and hope to fix it in the next Android update.

I confirmed this morning that this is fixed in 2.1.3 - thank you!

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