Android: Sync occasionally doesn't work properly

I have noticed that on my Android device some cards sync incorrectly. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to reproduce this bug manually, but I guess that these cards were deleted in the desktop app.

Below are two screenshots from different weeks.

Sometimes I create cards with only a heading (often on my smartphone). Later, I delete these notes in the desktop app.

Hi @Nikitinho,

Thanks for the bug report, we will try to replicate this. Either way it will most definitely be fixed in the next release with offline mode.

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Hi, @tobias. That would be awesome.

By the way, I managed to reproduce the sync bug with these steps:

  1. Open any collection in a graph view mode
  2. Hold :mag: to create a new note.
    New card will not pop up on the screen, maybe it’s another bug, i don’t know for sure
  3. Hold :mag: to create one more card.
  4. Switch to the list view

The result is: the last created note is opened for editing and the previous one has this red icon that indicates the sync has failed

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Thanks for this @Nikitinho, that is actually super helpful!

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