Android: Top menu bar under status bar

The icons at the top of the app are partly under the system status bar and the front camera cutout at the top left.

I can barely use those buttons, as it takes multiple tries to actually hit them.

I have encountered this issue with other apps, namely Evernote and the Spotify search bar.
In this Reddit thread Android 12L is blamed for the Spotify issue, unfortunately I don’t have another device at hand to test this with a different Android version.

I’m running Android 12 Build SP2A.220405.003 on a Pixel 4a.

Maybe others can chime in, if they have this issue with the same build or not.

Hi @DatenRaten, welcome to the Supernotes Community.

Thanks for the report. We will investigate this and see if we can patch the app for Android 12L.

If anyone else is using Supernotes for Android and experiencing similar issues, please let us know!

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Hi @DatenRaten,

A quick follow-up for you.

I’ve installed the beta build of Android 12L (S2B2.211203.006) on an emulated Pixel 4a, however the emulator’s status bar doesn’t take into account the cut-out for the camera so it’s not very helpful as the issue isn’t present.

If you are also having problems with other apps, it’s possible google might push a fix for your specific device. When building Android apps we work within a safe area to make sure the interface is below the camera cut out / status bar, so it may be a problem on Android’s end which isn’t respecting that.

We’ve also tested the latest version of Android 12 on a real Samsung A53, and there weren’t any problems.

However we are still keen to try to fix from our end. Could you possibly photograph your physical phone while it’s on Supernotes so we can have an idea of how the camera cutout interferes with the interface? Feel free to send the photo here or privately to us the in-app messenger. Also if you have custom text-zoom or scaling options in the Android settings these also may contribute to the issue.

Thanks for getting back to me. I just went ahead and took some pictures.

This is with the default system font and display size.
As you can see the camera cut-out overlaps the button at the top left and the the menu bar as a whole is a bit to close to the status bar:

This is with display size small set in the system settings:

I can’t tell whether Android or the app is the culprit here. Almost all of my other apps do work fine, on the other hand I did find very little information on this issue online. So maybe it is limited to a specific device/Android version/app combination.

I did however reinstall Android a few days ago and the issue persists. So it most likely isn’t just a bug on my Android installation.

Let me know if you need any more information or pictures on this!

Thanks for the in-depth follow up! The pictures are super helpful.

We will look into this further and try to implement a fix, although it might take a little while since we will need to rebuild our current logic behind the safe areas. Hopefully we can get this out soon for you. If you notice anything else or if anyone else here on the forum has a similar issue (or no issue with Android 12) please leave a comment below.

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