API/Callback support to open a card from another app

It’s possible using the Apple ecosystem’s x-callback-urls to have one app launch another, or even open another’s files with a link.

I’d like to see Supernotes add this feature. Then I could do something like link a Supernotes card in a Reminders to do, or link a Supernotes card in Ulysses (eg., to have notes in Supernotes and long form writing in Ulysses while keeping them connected).


HI @mortalstarinventor! As you may have seen, we are actively working on integrating Supernotes into a variety of other systems. One of these is definitely URL support for Supernotes so that you can open Supernotes cards from any other app on mobile or desktop. In fact this is one of the next things we will be adding in upcoming updates, so stay tuned!

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Awesome thanks!