AppImage not working on Intel Ubuntu

Description of the bug

AppImage installs but when you try and run it the login screen pops up briefly then screen turns and remains white.

App & Version

PopOS 22.04, App 3.0.4

Here is a screen recording.

Hi @penguiva, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Did you integrate and run the AppImage using the AppImageLauncher?

@tobias Yes, but it isn’t showing up in the menu. So I have to run it from my applications folder as shown it the video.

Thank you!

Hi @penguiva, no problem that’s what we are here for!

I’ve looked into this further for you. Are you using an Intel-based Linux device by any chance? We’ve noted some issues with that architecture with the 3.0.4 desktop app. We’re pushing 3.0.5 this week so hopefully that will ameliorate the issue you’re having. In the meantime please use the Supernotes web app.

Yes, I am. Okay will wait and see what happens with 3.05. Thanks.

Hi! Same problem here, updated it today and it’s not working.

  1. It shows this screen:
  2. Then, blank screen

Using PopOS and the 3.0.4 version.

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Thanks for letting us know @bkemmer, apologies for the inconvinience. We hope the next 3.0.5 update will fix these issues for you, it will be out in the next day or two!

btw I am using an Intel device (Intel® Core™ i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz × 16 )

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Haha, I have the same CPU on my Windows machine. Installing Linux on it now to test and fix this!

Hi @penguiva and @bkemmer, we think this should be fixed now with the 3.0.5 release, we tested with Ubuntu and everything was working as expected on Intel and ARM chipset. Is this the case for both of you?

Nope, not working.This is the error I am receiving now. AppImage Launcher is installed. When I click on the message it goes away and it takes me to the login in screen once logged in, it can’t launch the app nor does the desktop app recognize that I logged in.

Ok, looks like this might be an issue with PopOS then. We will see if it we can’t install PopOS and debug from there :+1:

@connor Ok, thanks. Weird I would assume if it works on Ubuntu it would work on PopOS.

Hi @penguiva,

We’ve looked into this further and it seems like the white screen previously is fixed. It’s just that the app link is not installed in your Linux system. When you “Integrate and Run” with the AppImageLauncher it should make sure your Linux system recognises supernotes:// and opens the app.

You can manually override this in your Firefox browser settings as well, choose always ask and then you can select ‘System Handler’.

If it still isn’t working please uninstall the app, download it fresh from Download | Supernotes. And then press ‘Integrate and Run’ when you open the app image for the first time. It should work then.

Okay, thanks I will try and troubleshoot it later today and let you know if that fixed the issue.

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We believe this has been fixed, as it’s working on our end and we haven’t received any more reports. Closing this for now. If anyone notices anything further, please let us know.