Automatic Appearance doesn't work on startup

If the user has Automatic set as the appearance mode in the app, the app doesn’t see to read that on startup. I was in dark mode, I had it set to automatic and it started in light mode. I had to go into settings, select dark and then back to automatic and it works again. However, I always have to do this currently when the app starts up.

Hi @marlonr, thanks for the report!

Could you clarify which platform you are using? I’m not able to replicate this. Appearance is currently synced across devices although we will be removing this to be localised to each device in a future update.

I’m on a Mac mostly. But I believe I saw this on iOS as well.

I use Raycast and I setup a key binding to toggle the system appearance. The way I’m able to reproduce it:

  • Quit Supernotes
  • Toggle system appearance
  • Restart Supernotes

Supernotes should start in last system appearance, not current system appearance.

This isn’t only done via Raycast. The user is always able to change the system appearance in control center both on Mac and iOS.