Automatic child card for multiple cards

  • Description: When one card is opened, all cards newly created are automatically assigned as its child cards. So, is it possible to extend this to multiple cards, so that every new card is the child card of these parent cards?
  • Use case (for me): For now, I first open a daily card everyday, and all the cards I create then are child cards of this daily card. If this feature is implemented, then, for example, when I’m in writing mode, all cards are also child cards of my writing parent cards. And when I’m taking notes, all notes are classified into relevant note / knowledge parent cards.
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You can do this now, if you create the daily card and then open it’s noteboard, any subsequent cards added are automatically created with the daily card as the parent.

It seems I didn’t make myself clear :sweat_smile:
What I want is that cards could be created with two or more cards as their parents.

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That would be great!

Currently you can do this with tags: if you filter by multiple tags, any new cards created whilst these filters are on will have all the tags.

I guess this goes back to the card membership v tags debate - but perhaps it would be useful if we could filter by card membership. (i.e. show me children of card x). What do you think? Interested to hear Tobias and Connor’s thoughts.

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your use case @Myctery! I can definitely see how multi-parent auto-inheritance for new child cards would be useful and very powerful.

As @daniela1 has mentioned often a tag may be better suited than a parent, and if you apply multiple tag filters, new cards will automatically inherit them. So in your case @Myctery you could have a tag that is a date, and then use tags to filter all the cards associated and created on that day. However I appreciate how often this is less useful as you can’t click on a tag and immediately bring up the daily card for that day, like you can with a dedicated parent.

Since opening a parent card as the target of a noteboard is essentially just applying a filter, multi-parent targets are definitely possible. The challenge just lies in building an intuitive UX – leave it with us and we will see what we can do!.

@daniela1 @tobias Yes, with tags I can de this. But for me tags are used together with color to signify properties such as “important”, “writing”, “thoughts”, “materials”. etc.

Thanks for your reply. Really looking forward to it :grin: