Automatically backup to Dropbox/Google Drive

Hi, Supernotes team, I’m not sure if this feature request already exists, but I hope that Supernotes can automatically back up data to Dropbox/Google Drive or other places so that users don’t have to worry about losing their data if Supernotes cannot open one day.

Hi @sona, welcome to the Supernotes Community :wave:

Our databases have full backups taken every day with write-ahead-logs maintained alongside those backups, so at any time we can restore our databases from any point within the last seven days. We also store encrypted daily backups of our databases for the past month on a different cloud provider to ensure your data can always be recovered even in the case of a catastrophic failure of our primary cloud provider.

With Supernotes 3, all our apps will be offline-first, so you will be able to access all your data even if the unfortunate event that you cannot connect to our servers. You can also use our open API to quite easily write a script or integration that periodically backups up your data if you want even more backups! I hope that helps :slight_smile: