Automatically rename links when cards are renamed

When you rename a card, it would be convenient if any existing links to that card are automatically renamed as well.
Right now the original card name in a link doesn’t change unless you update it yourself via Markdown.


note: Sometimes I use custom links which I wouldn’t want renamed

Take a look at [this](^djcnlkm-jkb-web23yd-wdqw-asdgkbju2879) bit of code!


I see your point @thomasdotred. This could possibly be resolved by providing an alias:

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I’d hope this could be simpler. If the () text is the same as the old name, update with the new name; otherwise leave it alone :grinning:

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Good suggestion @rawkode!

That being said, I still think aliases would be good for search :grinning:

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These are all great ideas, we will see what we can do!


Hi, @tobias I’m wondering is there any update on this one? Personally I think the way Obsidian handles this is great. It has a toggle in settings on updating the existing link or not, then it supports the alias feature talked about above. It would be awesome we can do something similar in Supernotes

At present, after adding an inline link to another card, when the name of one of the cards changes, it cannot be reflected on the other card at the same time.

This is something we’ve wanted to add for a while. Now we have introduced our new super editor, this is a lot more possible. We are planning to add a multi-select feature soon, and we will make sure to try to add this along with that update.

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Putting my support on this one - quite important feature in my opinion. Scary to use links until this is in place as it would create a lot of administration to keep things up to date if you rename a note.