Automatically rename links when cards are renamed

When you rename a card, it would be convenient if any existing links to that card are automatically renamed as well.
Right now the original card name in a link doesn’t change unless you update it yourself via Markdown.


note: Sometimes I use custom links which I wouldn’t want renamed

Take a look at [this](^djcnlkm-jkb-web23yd-wdqw-asdgkbju2879) bit of code!


I see your point @thomasdotred. This could possibly be resolved by providing an alias:

I’d hope this could be simpler. If the () text is the same as the old name, update with the new name; otherwise leave it alone :grinning:

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Good suggestion @rawkode!

That being said, I still think aliases would be good for search :grinning:

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These are all great ideas, we will see what we can do!

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