Automatically select random color for the new card

Hello, this is my first message here, I hope it will be relevant :slight_smile: I like the option to set color of a card, because I like having the cards colorful. It is nice to look at, but it also helps me to navigate through the list of cards. If I look at the list of cards, I can identify them faster, because my brain subconsciously remembers the color <-> note association.

But I don’t use any color “system”, I don’t care which color will the card have. I just want it to have any color.
That’s why I would love if Supernotes could automatically assign random color to a new card.

Anyone else would appreciate this feature?

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Hi @draon,

This is definitely relevant, thanks for the feature request.

If anyone else would like to have a User Preference where new cards are assigned a color randomly like @draon please like the original post above so we can gauge interest :slight_smile:

I like this idea! Liked the post.

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