I have just started using Supernote (after having used TheBrain, Evernote, DevonThink, Roam, Obsidian and Craft). I like what I am seeing and am taking the plunge.

One thing I can already see looming up is a large number of recurring actions I have (semi-)automated with the other apps I tried. I am using Apple’s Shortcuts, Alfred workflows and some app extensions, to do the following:

  • create a daily list of meetings from my calendar, so I can tick them off as the day passes;
  • insert a standard list of ToDo items for every day: meditate, walk, work on my book, … I want to keep track of these as habits I am training myself in;
  • search notes from outside the app, using Alfred, for instance, I can type DS to search DevonThink, CS to search Craft, Find to search the Finder, …
  • Getting an overview of all tasks that are still open.

There’s probably more, but these are the most important ones.

So, in the absence of Shortcut and Alfred integration (feature request coming up!), how are people solving their recurring tasks?

(Dis)claimer: I really like SuperNotes, I really do. But no app serves all needs and I am just curious to see how people set this app to work to serve their particular needs, especially for tasks/actions that occur often.


Hi @BardPapegaaij, thanks for your post! It’s a great question, and one we’ve thought about a good bit. At the moment there are not any integration features built into Supernotes, except for the fact that we’ve had an openly accessible API from the start.

That being said, we have been working on adding support for the various no/low-code automation platforms like Zapier / IFTTT / Make (fka Integromat). They are not quite ready for production yet but we will add your +1 to prioritize finishing them off.

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