Backlinks are gone after cards are edited?

I noticed that backlinks / links in a card are gone once the linked card is edited, for example after being assigned to a parent card?

The link still works as clicking on it takes me to the right place. So like Tobias said, might have just been a rendering bug.



I could get the links back by adding and removing some content into either or both cards but that’s just a temporary workaround for now.

Thanks for the report. This is definitely not normal behavior, and I am currently unable to reproduce on our end. It looks like from your screenshot that “testing” has had some sort of sync failure. Is there any other aspect of the “testing” card that is abnormal in any way? Or are there any more specific steps you can find to reproduce this issue?

Edit: Which app / os / device are you using? Can you replicate this behaviour on the mobile / desktop or web app? It may just be a stale cache issue, in which case logging out and then back in should fix things.