Be able to open share links within mobile app

Me again. When opening a shared link in a mobile browser, depending on the browsers configuration this redirects to and launches the app. Unfortunately, this then results in a 404.

I kinda get it, a shared page is different from something one would view within the app. On the other hand, the current behaviour is pretty inconvenient.

The way I see it one would either need to create a view fir shared paged in the app, or, probably more conveniently, prevent the redirection to the app for shared links (maybe by →

If you think this is a bug, please move this post.

Hi @freisatz,

100%. There’s a few problems with certain supernotes links when opening them in the app and we definitely want to avoid this. We’re looking into a few different solutions. I’ve converted this to be a feature request as it’s adding additional functionality rather than fixing an issue.

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