Best workflow or setup for books

Hey everyone!

I’ve just started using supernotes, I come from Notion and Roam.

I was wondering, how do you guys use supernotes to keep your highlights and notes for books?

I was originally thinking on one card where I track reading list as a parent and then one card per book with every quote inside of it. Is that the best way to go or should every quote be its own card?

In case I put every quote on its own card, If I want to reference multiple quotes and write some notes related to them. For example 3 quotes speaking about “bravery” and a conclusion about them. Can I embed or quote this cards on a “bravery” card in a visual way?

Would love to hear how you guys are using it for this use cases!

I use Supernotes for a book club, so I can tell you the format we’ve used for that, which worked pretty well. As layers:

  1. “Book Club” card, which has a body that is just a list of the book club books (as internal links)
  2. One child card for each book, with rough overview of why we were reading said book and the schedule for reading it.
  3. One (effectively placeholder) child card for each session.
  4. People could then create their notes and thoughts for this session as their own cards. Especially people can use the Supernotes “publishing” feature to leave their thoughts on the chapter/section as unpublished until the actual book club meeting, at which point everyone can publish their card to the parent, allowing everyone to see each other’s thoughts as cards.

Anyway that’s the format, obviously a book club is slightly different to just reading books on your own, but some of the same ideas apply. If you come up with a process you like better, definitely let us know! And of course if there are features that would make SN more useful as a reading companion for you, chime in with that too.

Thanks for sharing Connor! Will let you know how I aproach this once I feel comfortable with a specific setup :wink: