Better overview for numbered lists with subitems

Hello! Hope you all are doing well.

I wanted to create today a little guide for myself in Supernotes on how to setup a server.

While I created a numbered list with some subitems the numbers and letters seem to me a bit confusing. I know what they mean and standing for but I wish the list would be like in word.

For example:

1. Test
 1.1 Test
 1.2 Test
   1.2.1 Test
2. Test

I also would like to see this: Can Supernotes not handle ordered lists with indentations? - #6 by marlonr

It would help a lot to not fiddle too much with the damn numbers :sweat_smile:

Especially a way on mobile would be great.

Here the current view of the list:

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Am I correct in thinking you want the output to match the below format (if that is what you specify) and work, and that you don’t like the automatic changes to letters/roman numerals/etc?

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Hello :wave:
Yes, exactly!

The automatic changes to letters/roman numerals/etc are too confusing to me if you have many subitems. They will always be the same (a, b, c, i, ii, iii) and I would have to look up which main point it’s related to.