Blank page right after sign-in

Not sure if this is a real bug, or just a coincident, but there was just a blank page right after entering credentials on signing in:

Pretty sure there should be something like ‘Email sent, check your inbox!’ message.

Hi @Valery_Kondakoff, thanks for reporting this - very strange. You are correct, you should have logged in straight away and received a notification asking you to ‘confirm your email’.

We will look into this, out of interest has anyone else here on the community experienced this problem?

This may be some Safari iOS14-related bug.

We have not tested Supernotes on iOS 14 Safari, you’re probably correct. We will check that out ASAP.

Looks like some caching issue to me. I’m experiencing ‘blank page’ issue right now on desktop (MaOS 11, Safari) after reloading the SN page (Ctrl+R).

Update: clearing browser cache and reloading page does not solves the issue. After restarting Safari the page is available again.

I’m still experiencing ‘blank screen’ issue 2-3 times a day. Here is how it looks in real life: video. Usually it takes 3-5 page refreshes (Cmd+R) to bring SN back. Sometimes I should restart Safari to solve it.