Can you duplicate cards?

I’m trying to adopt Supernotes into my book- research flow. But I may have just found a problem that will cost me a lot of duplicated effort and I’m hoping that I’m misunderstanding something. It will be a killer, which would disappoint me as I’m exploring the app.

I like the card approach and it’s cumbersome to instantiate it into Bear and I don’t want to build my own application, ala Obsidian, et al.

My flow is reading scientific papers in pdf and highlighting and then later summarizing the highlights into individual cards, which I’ll preface with a number so that I can see them in order with alphabetical sorting.

For one paper I might have a dozen different cards corresponding to a dozen different “themes” in the paper. So I need a dozen cards, but I want them all to have the same title, but for the prefix of that organizing number. Bear does this easily.

I need for them also to have the same tag structure that I’ll set up beforehand in most cases. Bear would do that also, if the card is made inside of the nested tag structure of the original.

I just assumed that in Supernotes I could just start my note-taking by making my dozen empty cards with tittle and then filling them in. I’d rather not have to repeatedly remake a dozen cards.

I see no way to duplicate a card. Am I not looking in the right places?


Maybe you can use the API for that?

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hmm. I’d rather not learn to program the app…I’d go to Obsidian or Notion! From what I read here, the public API is, to quote, “very much a work in progress.”

There’s no way to duplicate cards at the moment, however improved templates seem to be what you’re after. I’ve increased the priority of this, and then you will be able to create a template for the first card – after which you can use that to fill out titles, content, colors, tags, parents etc. At the moment the best thing you can try is using Raycast or similar to quickly insert repetitive information, like @JamesT mentions here.

Also @chipbrock, the quote you’re referencing from the API is from 3 years ago :joy: The API is very much a matured spec, and with Supernotes 3 this will be solidified further. So @isaiur is right, it would be quick simple to create a quick command or apple shortcut (if you use that ecosystem) to create 12 cards with the same name. We’re also in the midst of creating much improved documentation with examples.

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okay. That statement about the API was what came up in search…