Cannot Enable Vision - Please write more content for this card

Description of the bug
Even though that the card has a lot of content, I get the pop up:

App & Version
MacOS v3.1.1

Steps to reproduce
Create card with content, hit Vision button.

Screenshots / Screen Recording

So this actually was deliberate. We set a minimum card length for Vision to be 200 characters in 3.1.1, as we want to make sure you flesh out your cards a little bit before enabling Vision, and found that anything too short didn’t seem to provide the best results anyway. But admittedly maybe that was a little bit too conservative, so we can probably walk this back a bit.

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Would be much appreciated if you can lower that limit.
Or at least transparently communicate it in the message what exactly is the desired content length.

IMO the limit doesn’t really make sense tbh. 199 characters is too short, but 200 is fine? i know that if you set a limit you need a threshold bit the auto tag generation also help(ed) me with shorter, not flased out cards!


Minimum length lowered to 50 :arrow_double_down: in Supernotes 3.1.2.


Perfect! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: