Card created from email has glitchy editing

I have been editing cards that I have created by forwarding emails to my Supernotes account. There seems to be a serious problem when it comes to editing them: edits I make are misplaced when the card is rendered (when I finish editing the card). Anyone else getting this?

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Thanks for the report @daniela1, I am able to reproduce this so we will definitely get this fixed in the next version of Supernotes!

Update on this: we identified the source of the issue, which is how certain email clients are creating linebreaks. We’ve fixed this in the upcoming 2.4 update, but in the mean time if you are struggling with this, a simple fix is to cut-paste the entire card contents when you start editing an emailed card. i.e. select all card contents in edit mode, cut, and paste. That should clear out the weird line-breaks on cards this has happened to.

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Thank you both for finding the source and the workaround. This was driving me crazy a month ago but I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. Sounds like you’ve got the fix, but I use Spark on iOS if that’s helpful for testing.

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When this fix releases, will it apply retroactively?

Unfortunately not @samldev, as cards that have already been created will still have those linebreak characters messing things up. But the fix above should work, so if you ever experience any issues that should sort it out quickly. Let us know if it doesn’t and we will work something out!