Supernotes 2.4.0

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum. We’re very excited to share with you our 2.4.0 release, introducing some of our most highly requested features, including view depth, universal search and a multi-select menu (feature preview). We also have a another big announcement coming later this week :rocket:

New Onboarding

We’ve given our onboarding some love, with tips on how to get started, theme selection, user profile personalization and more. We hope you enjoy the experience and we’d love to hear your feedback – let us know what you think!

View Depth

Quickly expand deeply nested card hierarchies: view one, two, three or infinite* levels deep. This works especially well in graph view where you can instantly visualize how different areas of your knowledge are pieced together. Oh and graph view now also has mobile support for both 2D and 3D modes; we’re excited to hear how this opens up new workflows for you.

* not actually infinite

Universal Search

Universal Search is here! This is the new name for our greatly improved command prompt, which now makes searching for cards much easier and much more comprehensive. Search queries now use a sophisticated relevancy algorithm to search the entirety of a card – title, content, tags, and other metadata all being used to provide super-relevant results. Due to a much improved indexing system under-the-hood, these complex searches run faster than the title-only system we had before, only taking a few milliseconds even for libraries containing thousands of cards. On top of all that, search term matches are now highlighted for you so that you can immediately see why a card is appearing in the Universal Search results.

Simplified Settings

Settings is now easier to use, with clearer and more distinct sections. We’ve also improved your security, with a new interface for you to view all the devices / sessions where your account is currently logged in. So if you forget to logout at work or a shared computer you can now do so remotely.

Multi Select (Unlimited Feature Preview)

Edit a bunch of your cards in one go with our new multi-select feature. Press cmd/ctrl+E and select a couple cards, or enter the ‘Multi-select mode’ by pressing the button in the NoteBoard options menu. Modify visibility, targeted date, colors, and add tags or parents for multiple cards at once. This is still a work-in-progress feature, if you’re an Unlimited subscriber you can enable it under ‘Settings > App Preferences > Feature Previews’. Please leave any feedback over on the Community!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add 2D and 3D Graph view on mobile apps
  • Add integrated help docs on mobile apps and add an ‘Open Help’ command to Universal Search
  • Add ability to hotlink to any part of the app via supernotes:// URL
  • Improve Parent and Link couplers by showing your 20 most recent cards on start
  • Improve card links to show card colors #1540 by @isaiur
  • Improve double-click-to-edit to try to focus where you actually clicked (mostly)
  • Improve Backlinks to highlight where link is located in backlinked card
  • Improve share pages to display card color and be more readable on larger screens
  • Improve sizing of various elements on mobile
  • Improve contrast of certain elements including current day in the Calendar
  • Improve rendering performance
  • Fix card expand/collapse overflow issues
  • Fix editor line stutter issues
  • Fix color coupler search not showing up correct results
  • Fix shared universal coupler button not functioning correctly #1556 by @maxlinworm
  • Fix cards created from email having glitchy editing #1569 by @daniela1
  • Fix bug where rate limited notification would still be shown even after period has passed
  • Fix filter bug where certain search terms would cause cards to error out
  • Prevent cards being auto-added to the Outline when opened #1535 by @Silvan
  • Rename ‘Invitations’ to ‘Notifications’ to avoid confusion with Email to Supernotes functionality
  • Reduce the amount of data sent over the wire for real-time features
  • Remove Day Jumper sub-command, now just search for a date in the new Universal Search
  • Remove additional actions from automatically appearing when editing a card

The view depth feature is amazing! :heart_eyes: Could you please add keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between the different depths?

My main use case for multi select would be tag management, but that doesn’t seem to be part of the feature yet. Is that on the roadmap?

Is offline mode aimed for 2.5 now?


Yep, if you have any suggestions for multi-select please post them here, as we are definitely looking for as much feedback as possible while it is in Feature Preview. Feel free to include suggestions for hotkeys, UX/UI, etc.

Offline mode is coming in the next major release, which will actually not be 2.5…



Congratulations on launching these features.

Noteboard depth

Noteboard depth will really help my workflows as I like to have my cards in very specific parents. Before, this would really hamper my flow as I had to do a lot of hierarchy navigation and couldn’t have an overview of cards (except in the sidebar). This really enhances one of the core features of SN: multi-dimensional hierarchies.

My feedback for the multiselect is here (very preliminary):

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Thank you so much for adding the card links that show the colour of the linked cards. :heart_eyes:

I am very excited to see how I can use the View Depth in my everyday work and learning. My first thought on that is if you can visually represent the card depth.

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Just type to search for a tag to add/remove and then apply.

Love the new font scaling in the UI in mobile. Much better IMO.

I’m loving the update so far. Thanks @connorn1 and @tobias

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The bold text and highlighted text now really pops. Thanks. I’ll have to try printing (physical and PDF) again to see how it prints. The highlighted text was hard to make out on PDF exports. I haven’t needed to do so for a while. I like how the inline links are highlighted with the card color (from the source card).

Are you still developing a graphical type of PDF export that shows the card outline and colors?

Would be great to see an updated cheatsheet! Rather than reading the release notes i found my self going there to discover new features :smile: