Card created from link gets deleted on cancel


  • edit card
  • add link to new card from / menu
  • finish editing card
  • edit card created from link menu
  • cancel editing card
  • card disappears, doesn’t move to junk

Thanks for the bug report @karel3s1!

We’re investigating this now and will push a fix soon.

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Sync always fails for a linked card

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Filter by any tag (may not be necessary)
  2. Create a new card
  3. Create a new linked card while editing this card

Result: child card won’t be synced.


Hey @Nikitinho, I’ve merged your report into this existing one as they are effectively the same bug (cards created via linking never try to sync and therefore get removed on cancel).

Thanks for the help identifying the issue, this has been fixed, including a hotfix into the desktop and web apps (please re-download from the website to ensure you get this fix for Desktop apps). You can also just wait for the 3.0.2 release, which is when the mobile apps will get this fix (have to wait for App Store approval now, aargg!)


Not sure if this is a related to the sync issue I have been experiencing on the Android app:

  1. Create a card
  2. Make it a parent to another card
  3. The parent card doesn’t sync. All other cards sync, except this one. The card syncing signifier (the ellipsis in the right bottom corner of the card) keeps dancing the profile sheet continues to show syncing of 1 card but it never does.

I notice this happens only when syncing from mobile (Android), not the other way around.

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This has been fixed in 3.0.2, which is now available for all platforms :tada: