Card Interactions Improvements

I’ve been using Supernotes for a bit and I’d like to suggest a couple of interaction improvements when creating a card:

  1. When creating a new card the cursor defaults to the Heading field. When users want to take a quick note, they don’t necessarily have a heading in mind. They want to get straight to typing the body of their card.
    My suggestion: upon creating a card, default the cursor to the body, not the heading. This saves clicks/taps and improves UX.

  2. When you save a card with no heading, it shows as “Untitled”. This can look pretty messy. If a card has no heading, it should be displayed without the heading component. This way, you don’t have unsightly cards reading “Untitled”.

I hope this is helpful.

The first thing is already solved. Go to Settings → App Preferences → Customize Behaviour and there you’ll find a dropdown for default Cursor position (Title or Body).


Perfect! Thank you so much for pointing me to this. I made the change on my end.

Do you know if there is a way to hide the title component on cards without headings?

To illustrate:

You’re welcome. For now a ‘space’ would help – but I’m sure there is a way to implement on backend, too. It was part of a discussion that cards don’t need a parent or title, so they don’t show up in the thoughts collection.


+1 for the second point. I think leaving the title fully empty would look much cleaner.