Card locked - it is being edited elsewhere

I ran into this tonight where I think the desktop mac version thought my phone was still editing the card when it wasn’t (ios, version “2.1.3 (2)”).

I tried force quitting the app on my phone to no effect, but what did work was going into the card on my phone to edit it and cancelling out of that and then it was accessible on desktop again (so to be clear, visually anyway, the phone hadn’t been in edit mode on my phone when I got the error).


  • show information about what device it thinks is still editing the card (device nickname/hostname if possible, device type or OS)
  • worst case scenario, have a way to override the lock and edit anyway

It’s just hit me that I might have a theory as to what caused this… I checked a todo as done on the phone but I never fully opened the note in edit mode. So possibly checking that box, put the card in limbo somehow where it wasn’t visually in edit mode on my phone, but it was flagged as such in the dataset.

And let me know what info could be useful in the future for troubleshooting if I run into this again.

Thanks for the in depth bug report! This is a known issue with the current way our card locking system works. Luckily we are very actively working on the new Offline/Real-time collaboration features which should hopefully be released soon, which will remove the entire concept of locked cards and therefore fix this issue.

In the mean time, the best way to signal to our systems that you are indeed no longer editing a card is to logout from whichever device the system thinks is editing it (in your case – logging out on your phone). This should cause a flush of all locks which will allow you to edit it on the other device.