Card Types: Links and Tasks

I’d like to close the loop on my systems and using SuperNote for everything is getting very appealing.

For this, I’d need to remove Pocket and ClickUp

I don’t need a lot of functionality from task cards, just some ability to provide dates for the card to resurface it’s way to the top.

I’m sure I’ve seen card types mentioned before, but I could find it again

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In fact, thinking about this. I think I’d rather use ClickUp from inside SuperNotes than remove it. I don’t want SuperNotes to build their own task system and defer more useful work.

It would be cool if I could search and embed tasks from ClickUp in a card, as well as create tasks from SuperNotes in ClickUp.

There’s a pretty well documented API

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I’d be willing to help build or contribute this functionality, if there was a way to make that possible

I personally have never used ClickUp, so I can’t chime in with anything particularly helpful at the moment.

What I can say is that if you want to start hacking on the API trying to bring the services together, that sounds great! Let us know if you hit any limitations with the API and we will do our best to rectify them so that this (and other integrations like it) can work as seamlessly as possible.

From what I can see, the API doesn’t allow me to integrate with the markdown rendering or add to the card actions.

So I think there’s actually very little I can do right now, unless to use an extension to inject my own JS into the page; which I’ll start to dabble with