Card's auto-format / Plugin system / Webhooks

This is not a feature request, but some kind of food for thoughts. Maybe you will find something useful here to inspire you for the future SN enhancements.

  1. Auto-format (bound items to each other)
    There are outstanding card format possibilities available in SN. Using them properly one can create a very nice looking knowledge system. Unfortunately, most of us are too lazy or not organised enough to use them at the regular basis. What about introducing some kind of auto-format (or magic format if you like to use this word): a way to ‘bound’ some of the card properties to another? This may require some kind of easy scripting. Here are some possible examples:
    • auto-assign/remove colours when specific tag or parent is added/removed (when you add a tag #GreenPeace, the card automatically becomes green)
    • auto-assign specific attributes for children of a specific parent card (when you create a children of a specific card, tag #Important, color lightRed and icon ‘books’ are automatically added to the children)
    • auto-assign tags/parents to specific icons (adding icon ‘books’ to the card automatically adds tag #Reading and assign card Bookshelf as a parent of this card)
    • auto-assign specific tags/colors when there are not complete checklists in the card (auto-add tag #Todo and color card lightYellow until all the checkboxes in the card are complete)
    • anything else?..
  2. Plug-ins system: special menu with user definable commands
    Create a special user-editable menu, where users can add web-requests (plugins) using SN API.
  3. Introduce webhooks to create plugins using SN API
    • Card was created/finished
    • Specific tag/color/parent was added/removed
    • anything else?..

The suggestion #1 is better rephrased like this:

Introduce something like card’s properties grouping (tag + icon, tag + icon + color, parent + tag, etc). So assigning one item of the group automagically adds all the other items defined in a group.