Cards erroneously show on top level of outline

Description of the bug
My Outline is suddenly messed up in that on the top level, there are several priority cards that do have a priority parent. Said parent is shown as well, adjacent to its child.

App & Version
Android App v3.0.4, Web 3.0.4

Steps to reproduce
It started yesterday, before that I never faced this issue. Logging off and on again reproduces the problem, intrestingly with other erroneously showing cards in the outline.

Hi @freisatz, we will look into this. Try emptying your junk and seeing if that fixes anything, there could be a card in a strange state somewhere. We’ve not had any reports of this happening to anyone else. Any further information would be very helpful.

Hi Tobias,

you were definitely on to something regarding the junk! After emptying junk the issue persisted, but an additional log off and on did the trick, so everything is back to normal! Dunno what constallation I had in the junk, though, as its empty now :wink:

Hope this helps. Thanks for releasing my pain so quickly!

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Glad to hear it’s resolved, this still shouldn’t be happening in the first place so we will look into this a bit more and push some additional improvements to the Outline in 3.0.5.

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This might be fixed… not 100% sure to be honest, please install 3.0.5 and then see if it is working as expected!

Sorry, I am unable to intentionally reproduce the issue. As stated above, clearing the junk did resolve the issue for now. I will let you know in case I encounter this issue again.

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