Cards to small for viewing


i found the cards are a bit to small for viewing.
Is there a view where the cards a bigger ?

Greet and thanks

Hi @micaelo, you can pin cards (ALT+SPACE). The pinboard is resizable. This also enables you to have more cards on the screen which you can track at the same time.
I use it to reference multiple cards - very handy.

Thanks @nikita.korobkin
Thats amazing, i think i will more use this feature.

But sometimes, i will not “more cards” on the board,
i will less cards on the board, and that card bigger.
I am working with a notebook, and the screen i a litte bit smal.

I realy love this view, and i would be nice here to have the cards bigger.
So many space on the left and on the right.

Or do i something wrong ???
Is there a better way ?
(I would be nice to configuration such a view)

Yeah, the space is obviously wasted.

Though, I suppose and hope the developers are planning to make use of it soon with some dashboards, graph view panels, spaced repetition stuff, etc.

Hi @micaelo, there is actually a distinct reason as to why we don’t allow for wider cards at the moment.

One of the goals of Supernotes is that our card format is responsive and works on all screen sizes. So when creating content on a desktop device it will look just as good on a mobile device. We also have done a lot of research regarding readability etc. and found this was the optimum size for focusing. It might feel a bit constrained at first, especially when coming from other note-taking apps but once you get used to it, it feels more natural! (If not let us know!)

If you just want the cards to be bigger, the browser zoom with ctrl + / - does this really well. You can also go into ‘Seamless View’ by clicking the button in the ‘Noteboard options’ menu in the top left, which will remove the card outlines. And as @nikita.korobkin has mentioned we are working on some great new features that will make better use of the space, the tricky part is making this work well on mobile devices :iphone:

ok, i undestand.

I found the card very small, but the browser zoom is a great idea/solution :v: