Carrying Card Colours Through When Card Opened?

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I have a colour coding system that I’m using on Supernotes for my studies in replacement of spaced repetition to essentially have a visual guide to outline which cards I need to review (red), which ones I’ve reviewed at least once but still not fully mastered the content (orange) and which ones I’m now good with (green).

What I’ve noticed is that, while this colour coding works for children cards in a parent, if you were to open the child card to see its underlying children, the colour of the card is then lost which disrupts my system a bit. I was wondering if there is a way to ensure the colour remains consistent - it would really help my workflow to see that I’ve tagged a card as say, red, when looking at the underlying children within that card. Here’s a couple of snapshots to show what I mean.

Image 1
This is essentially what I’m looking to be carried over. So as you can see, the parent card I’m in here is the Time Value of Money with one of the children being the card titled Future Value of a Single Cash Flow which is marked as red per my colour coding system above.

Image 2
So I’ve now opened the Future Value of a Single Cash Flow card to see its underlying cards, but the colour is no longer red per the below.

Is there a way to carry this colour over? As mentioned, it would be massively helpful to my workflow!


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Hi @Fizzster21, thanks for your feature request. The description of your workflow and screenshots is very helpful!

If you add an icon to the card, it will display the color as the background. Does that work for you?

We can look into always adding a color indicator even if you don’t have an icon as well.

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Thanks for the quick response Tobias. It would be great if you could - thanks!