Clipboard Pasting issues/enhancements

  1. There is no way to disable auto-formatting behavior when pasting on iOS/iPadOS
  2. Pasting text when cards list is in the focus creates new card and pastes the text in the body of the newly created card. This may be a feature, but this is confusing, because starting typing adds text to the title of the newly created card (not the body)
  3. Pasting in the body of the card is not counted as undoable action: for example applying undo after pasting in the body deletes title of the newly created card. Here is the video.

Shift+Cmd+V hotkey (paste plain) does not works on my desktop Safari (Big Sur). Fortunately hotkey Opt+Shift+Cmd+V (which is set in Safari to ‘Paste and match style’) works exactly as needed: pastes the clipboard contents without modifications.
Now I want to find some workaround to be able to paste plain on iOS/iPadOS…

Personally, I’m not quite happy with the ‘magic pasting’ of links.
For example, here it is how links are currently ‘magic pasting’:

Not informative at all, right? Below is how this forum handles the same links (without any ‘magic pasting’):

Can we have something like this (with this well-known SN attitude) instead of just putting the domain name as the name of the link? :wink:

Or, maybe, something like this?