Collection sharing and Title Option

Hello Team,

I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to inquire about the updated information on the feature of sharing a collection of cards. Can you please provide information about the progress of implementing the card collection sharing feature? Also, do you plan to offer more sharing formats like pdf or jpg?

Also, have we considered adding a button to close the title of the cards within the collection?

I enjoy taking notes on books. Typically, I make a parent card with the book’s title and child cards for each chapter. While taking notes or copying quotes on the chapter cards, the “untitle” makes me uneasy. Since these cards are specific to a chapter, I think a title isn’t necessary unless they share a common theme.

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Public card collections do not have a specific date set yet, we’re focusing development on offline mode and mobile apps at the moment for Supernotes 3.

You can already generate PDFs on the web and desktop apps using the devices’ native ‘print and save to PDF’ functionality.

We encourage you to add titles to cards to help you process your thoughts, find them later, and with navigation through your hierarchy. Perhaps create a Feature Request dedicated to this so we can gauge interest from the rest of the community? I’m sure it’d generate an interesting discussion, with some unique workflows popping up.

Also we try to keep “Feature Requests” to one specific feature, so I’ve moved this to ‘Thoughts & Feedback’.


That would be great! Thanks!