Colour Coding Cards

I’m curious how people are colour coding their cards. At first, I thought it would be a good visual way to identify cards across themes, such as Personal, Work, and Family.

I also had wondering if colours should be inherited from parent cards, should I structure my cards in a way that all of my work things have a parent of “Company A” card; is anyone doing anything like this?

My third thought was perhaps the tags should be used to assign colours, rather than a parent child relationship - but with multiple tags, I’m not sure how this will work.

I’d love to know how others incorporate colour coding into their cards.

hey! I’ve been using colour-coding since it was launched and I find it really useful for marking certain cards to catch my attention - as I’m studying law, I find it super helpful to have cases marked out as good or bad authority for future reference and for exams (yellow for questionable authority, red for overruled cases).

I do that for recipes too, marking ones I haven’t tried but think are worth experimenting!

Sounds like I’m using a similar system to what you’re describing - having all of your work cards under a parent “work” card. I find it to be an efficient and tidy system and, to a certain extent, it mimics a file tree hierarchy; in addition it allows me to nest a card under multiple parents to signify that a card can come under different themes.

Ultimately, I find links, tags, and parents better at sorting out themes than colours do, but I guess it depends on how you’re using Supernotes and the nature of the cards you’re writing

Assigning colours with tags would be fun! though I have too many tags and won’t have enough colours to correspond with them! :grimacing:



TLDR: I use both parents and tagging, IMHO this makes it easy to a) discover your cards b) query them with tags

So far I have found that parent/child relationships and the card tree help me conceptualize my notes when I am “discovering” my notes, but tagging them adds the most power for when I want to query my notes.

I tend to apply tag filters when writing card structures (parents/children), which automatically adds tags to any new cards I create. this means I can add many tags to cards in my structure instantly.

here is a complex example:
Company A #work
---------------¦_ business notes #work #business
--------------------------- ¦_ Sales#work #business
--------------------------- ¦_ Marketing#work #business
--------------------------- ¦_ Graduate Recruitment#work #business
--------------------------- ----------------¦_ Coding challenges #work #business #challenges
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ linked list question#work #business #challenges #python
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ .net question#work #business #challenges #C#
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ kubernetes question#work #business #challenges #k8s
--------------------------- ¦_ technical notes #work #technical
--------------------------- ---------------- ¦_ programming #work #technical #code
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ python #work #technical #code, #python
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ C# #work #technical #code, #c#
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ java#work #technical #code, #java
--------------------------- ----------------¦_ kubernetes#work #technical #k8s
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ CLI commands #work #technical #k8s #kubectl
--------------------------- --------------------------- ¦_ Quick Reference #work #technical #k8s #QR

With everything tagged appropriately, from the home page I can just easily create queries (using filtering) across all of my cards


  • #code
  • #python & !'#business
  • #python & '#technical
  • #work & #k8s
  • #work & #python
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Update: I’ve still not found a system for colour coding my cards :joy:

@rawkode Check out this twitter thread

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Personally, I’m trying to use colours like an visual add-on to tags. So, I’m colouring cards with #Todo tag as red, #Reading as orange, #Recipes as green etc.

This is why I suggested Tobias and Connor to add some kind of card’s properties grouping (tag + icon, tag + icon + color, parent + tag, etc). So assigning one item automagically adds all the other items defined in a group. In my example this will allow to automatically assign red colour when tag #Todo is assigned to a card (and assign #Todo tag if the card was coloured Red).


I like the idea of this ^^!

That’s a great idea, I’m not using colors at all right now, but this could be useful.