Confirm image upload with Cmd/Ctrl+Enter

When you add an image right now, you need to click the Upload one file button.
I copy paste a lot of images using the keyboard, so it would make sense to me to be able to confirm the upload using Cmd/Ctrl+Enter.


@karel3s1, the ‘Upload’ button should auto-focus once you select a file (or copy and paste it), so you can just hit [Enter] to confirm the upload.

If it for some reason doesn’t auto-focus you can hit [tab] a few times to focus it.

I have to hit tab 4 times to get the button to focus, not sure why it’s different for you.

Seems like there may be some inconsistency with the browser focus. Try clicking on the upload box before you paste?

Here are my browser specs ->
I also tried on Chrome+Windows 10, same result.
On Firefox I couldn’t actually paste an image from clipboard.

When I click the upload box first, it does work, good to know. It is an extra step though, if at all possible technically it would be great to avoid it.

I have to agree that the image upload process could be made faster and smoother :slight_smile:
In particular it would be great if pressing enter (after opening the image window using /) would press the browse button.

The image upload will have an overhaul once we add the upcoming WYSIWYG editor, and will make better use of keybindings.

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