Confusion about the filter

I want to keep my three parent cards at Home, so I prioritize them. However, when I clicked the parent cards, the filter still existed, so all my cards were hidden under the Parent Cards. I have to reset the filter to make me able to see them. I reset the filter again when I got back Home because all cards were shown and I only need those three parent collections.

Is there any possibility of making the filter better or smarter in the future?


Home is designed to show you all of your cards, wherever they are in your hierarchy. It’s not meant to show you just your root level parent cards.

Filters are designed to stay consistent between your views. So if you add the ‘Priority’ filter, it will show only your priority cards in ‘Home’ but if you open a ‘Card’ view it will not show any child cards if they are not marked as priority.

My suggestion would be to create one root level card called ‘Library’, which contains your three parent cards, since ‘Card’ views only show child cards one level down in the hierarchy. Would this work for you use case?

I may misunderstand your words here, but could you remind me what is root level and how I can create one for my three parent cards?


Try creating a new card called ‘Library’ and then add the three “parent cards” you mentioned earlier as child cards of the ‘Library’ card. et voila, you’ve created a space where you can just those three cards and no others.

Root level just means the top of your hierarchy. i.e. parent cards without any parents.

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Thank you!
I just found out that I can use P. A. R. A. system. So I created a parent card “Area” and put my “Psychology” and “Political Philosophy” parent cards in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!