CopyPaste from android


Just trying SN as a typicall daily notes for bot loosing important mind, readings notes…
I cannot copy paste with andoid (Galaxy S8) either from SN card to this SN cards or from another app to a SN card.
I tested on another app it works well and even in this crurent report I am writting it works… But not in the card.
Does this sound as a known bug ?

Thanks for your app seems to be simple fast and efficient


Thanks for reporting this! We are aware of this issue, and have implemented a fix this morning that we will push to our live servers later today.

The problem is down to Firefox browsers not supporting the technique we use for our new copy / paste mechanic. In the interim Chrome should work great.

Hope that helps!


This fix has now been pushed! Let us know if you have any other issues with copy/paste.


Hi it’s now working perfectly !
thanks so much !