Covers expand to show entire card

I love the new “covers” with 1.8: showing the body of the card you’re in at the top of the screen above the child cards. Quite often I find I’d like to look at the entirety of the parent card (i.e. the cover), and currently that’s quite easy to do by clicking the cover. It feels like it would be just a little more seamless if there was a “click to see more” button (or just a down arrow) at the bottom of the cover that just rolled it down to reveal the entire thing. No doubt you have already considered this, Connor and Tobias.


Can definitely see this being helpful, thanks for suggestion @daniela1, will see what we can do!

In the meantime if you use the shortcut [ctrl / cmd + e] to enter seamless view you can view the entirety of the parent card.

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The seamless view works really well for this, thanks!