Create and Store Templates

I’d love to have the ability to create and store templates.

Having templates would boost the workflow drastically for repetitive tasks.

In order to open up a template I’d suggest the following approach

Create a card -> Add the title -> “/” -> “Templates” -> Search / select the desired template.


Great suggestion @warum7. Templates is something we have been considering for a while – I have bumped up the priority for this.

Hi guys,
as I use templates that I have designed it would be fab if I could click a button or right click and duplicate that card.
At the moment I am selecting all the card and copy / paste the details to my new card.

e.g. here is my meeting template for minutes in my templates. It would be so much quicker to duplicate and then as we now can drag this card to its new location, drag it and rename the card.

Your thoughts guys?

Keep up the good work as this platform is amazing. I currently use Obsidian but much prefer the structure of this. Well done again.

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Hi @Karper71,

Creating and storing template cards is on our roadmap, and we will try to get it out as soon as we can. I have bumped up the priority further!

That brilliant, thank you Tobias


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