Create dynamic links and parents in preview mode for cards

While editing a card, it’s easy to use the coupler (/) and create new links / parents dynamically. And the interface tells you that you can create a new link.

However, this functionality doesn’t work while previewing cards. And opening it in the noteboard doesn’t let you edit the body.

I often find myself searching for a card and adding more information to it. But right now I have to go to the card’s parent and edit it in if I want to add new links.

Has anyone else found a workaround for this?

Hi @vpai,

Thanks for sharing this. We will add the ability to create new cards while editing a card in preview soon, that’s one of the reasons why we added a preview history with Supernotes 2. We’re also working on implementing editing a parent card when it is open in the noteboard.

The quickest workaround is the one you mentioned; to go to the card’s parent and edit it there, but this is solely for creating new cards while editing another card.

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