Create Image from Card

Just thought of an idea that I think would be really neat:

In the three-dot menu button on a card, it would be awesome if there was an option to generate an image from a card. The way I imagine it would be similar to how screenshots work where the card’s corner radius and shadow would be retained and there would be some padding with a transparent background.

Potential Use Case:
I was jotting down a list of some ideas and I wanted to quickly share an image of that card with someone to ask for feedback on which idea they thought was best. I’m sure there could be many more use cases as well.

That’s it.

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Hi @marlonr,

This is an interesting idea. We’ve already got auto-image generation for cards in the pipeline, so if you share a link to a card it will share a preview with devices that support link preview (most messaging services). Will that suffice? Or would you still prefer to have a separate image generation button?

That’s awesome. I still think being able to have an image generated would be great cause then whoever you’re sending it to, you’re not requiring anything from them. They wouldn’t have to click a link or download anything, they would be able to see everything they need to right there. Great for things where you just need some quick feedback. I think folks on the receiving end would appreciate it.

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