Create notes straight from Pinned view

It’d be useful to create new pinned notes right from the pinned view. Most thinking happens in the view because it’s much easier to make new ideas while referencing most relevant others.
Currently, the need to leave pinned view to create a note breaks the flow.

Hey @nikita.korobkin, very interesting point. Could you possibly give some more specific examples as to why this might be useful? So we could better understand the best way we could improve this.

If you create a new card by “just typing”, finish it with “cmd/ctrl + enter” and then immediately hit “alt + space” to pin it. Is that still too disjointed?

It’s ok on desktop since pinned view and noteboard are displayed at the same time. On mobile and iPad though, you need to swap pinned view and noteboard each time you need to create a card.

See Screen recording.

Thanks for sharing the screen recording, I completely understand where you are coming from. We have actually improved this behaviour already in the next update (coming out in a few days). On mobile, opening the command prompt will by default close the pinned view, so you won’t have that problem anymore!

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