Creating custom collection directly from home has invalid filter JSON

Description of the bug
If I create a new custom collection at home, using “Create a collection from current view / filters”, its filter JSON is invalid by default.

App & Version
macOS App, v3.1.0

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Strange, when I do the same it looks like this:

The issue is that there is no "type": "group" property in your filter root, which should be included by default.
Could you try logging out and back in again to see if this behavior still persists?

I don’t know why, but this seems to be a problem of my local data.
When I checked local data in desktop app, globalFilterGroup was set as the topic article.

After signing out and logging in again, the problem resolved.

Thank you!

Yeah that’s my fault, forgot to create a migration to move everyone’s local system over to the new global filter format (which basically just means adding that type property).

For anyone else that has this issue, please just logout and back in again and that will make sure your local system is up-to-date.